Nomadic Hues (2019)
by Trijeet Mukhopadhyay and Nathan James Tindall

Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk)
2019: A SLOrk Odyssey, Bing Concert Hall
Stanford University, June 2019

score (pdf) | source code (ChucK, Processing)

Program Notes
Nomadic Hues is a digital frontier. Placed on a matrix of shifting colors, Life enters the grid for survival, exploration, and progress. Players control one aspect of the whole image, leaving a trail of sound and color behind them. The piece represents how the imprints we leave behind are often only a function of our changing surroundings and bespoke interactions — and the players are not always in control. The world too expresses some luminary emotion and sonic mutability, developing over time and serving as the background for all change.

Discovery • Settle • Strangers • Kinship • Opportunism • Chaos • Glitch • Rebirth • Bustle • Rain • Civilization • Dust

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