Ambiguous News (2016)
(a.k.a. Include Children When Baking Cookies)
by Ben Williams, Ludwig Schubert, Nathan Tindall
Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk)
SLOrktastic Chamber Music 2016 and SLOrk in the Bing 2016

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Program Notes
Inspired by newspaper headlines that have been shortened to a degree where they become ambiguous, this piece presents a careful exploration of a single 10 second Sitar sample.

The three players control granular synthesis in pitch, time and volume-space, interpreting and re-interpreting the sample to generate a wide, evolving range of sonic situations. It focuses on a delicate interplay arising at the border of the intentional and the unintentional.

Set on a free-time score, "Ambiguous News" develops through gestures between the players, from the introduction of the instrument through various expressions to a calm, 7 octave spanning glide: when all uncertainty has been resolved into a single, unambiguous pitch.

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